Electrical Safety Audit

For large and medium enterprises Electrical Safety Audit need to be conducted. They are getting the supply from utility by 33 or 132 or 220KV substation. The internal audit is generally carried our as per the requirement of Indian Electricity Rules. However, there are instances of hit and miss during internal inspection. Hence some of the organisations prefer to get Electrical Safety Audit done by third parties. This has proved extremely beneficial for improving the overall electrical safety index of the plant. This is more important for plants which are old.

We conduct complete Electrical Safety Audit of the plant as per national and International standards. During this process, where needed we recommend certain tests on equipments to check their life and performance. On the basis of this study, we submit suitable recommendation for maintenance practices, replacement of parts or equipment, etc., where needed. All this is done keeping in mind the human safety along with plant and equipments. .