Electrical Safety Audit

In today’s world, Electricity is indispensable and is a sincere silent performer. Approximately 20-25% of world wide fires account for electrical fires. While, in India 56% of the fires are caused due to electrical system issues. Resulting in severe damage to plant, machinery, infrastructure and precious human life.

We conduct Electrical Safety Audit for Industries Buildings, Mall, Hospitals, Schools, Chemical plants, mines, power plants etc.

The Electrical fire is more pronounced In process industries, communication, chemical and service industries. They cause severe and untold damages as process plant, UPS, servers, etc. continue to work for 24 hours of the day.

There are number of factors which contribute to electrical fire. This can be overloading, poor connections, hot work, Chemical, Equipment and machinery, exposed cables, poor regular and preventive maintenance practices, etc.

AME Consultants, follows a systematic procedure, for identification, evaluation of hazard, their severity, followed by remedies to minimize or prevent the hazards. The complete program is focused on as how to prevent loss to plant and machinery, infrastructure, environment and loss of life/injuries to working personnel.

AME Consultants, conducts these Electrical Safety studies as per procedures, practices in line with relevant and applicable Bureau of Indian standards, Indian electricity Rules.

Scope shall include the following activities.

  • ▮Review of statutory compliance as per relevant and applicable Indian standards and Rules.
  • ▮Review of Electrical Preventive Maintenance system. (Including Tests, documentation & History).
  • ▮Review of lightning system (Need Adequacy Installation and Maintenance).
  • ▮Review of Electrical accidents and near misses ( Rootcause, damages and reforms).
  • ▮Review of electrical systems & procedures (work permits, interlocks, lockout tags,Safety Procedures).
  • ▮Review of the importance given to electrical safety in the company safety policy, safety committee.
  • ▮Review of the earthing system (installation & maintenance), including sample earth resistance tests.
  • ▮Review of Tests conducted by outside agencies and their compliance by the company.
  • ▮Physical inspection to identify electrical hazards (shock, fire, explosion, overloading) and to suggest safety solutions.
  • ▮Review of laying of various types of cables like power, control signal and communication, etc.
  • ▮Review of EMI and RFI (If applicable).
  • ▮Review of Hazardous area classification and flame proof fitting. (if applicable).
  • ▮Hotspot detection using infra-red Thermal Imaging in equipment (If applicable).
  • ▮Assessing integrity of insulation of cables by carrying out insulation resistance tests on a sample basis.
  • ▮To identify areas of overloading by carrying out load current measurements and checking against the cable current carrying capacity.

The first phase of the audit reflects the quality of regular and preventive maintenance practice has been carried out. This has a direct impact on the performance and life of the equipment.

However, the phenomenon of ageing being a regular process, has its own impact on the life of equipment. How many times the connected equipment has operated normally or under overload/short circuit conditions, have a direct bearing on the life of the equipments.

All the equipments like Transformers, Breakers, Isolators, CT & PT are design to bear such conditions. The ageing goes on but the exact reduction in the life of the equipment is not known.

To ascertain their performance and health, certain tests need to be performed at regular interval as a part of Routine Tests. This helps, not only in maintaining the continuity of supply, which is utmost important and critical but also assists in advance planning for carrying out systematic repairs and replacements of power equipment as electricity is indispensable.

AME Consultants, has the required expertise to conduct such tests on Power equipments like:

  • ▮Transformers.
  • ▮Isolators.
  • ▮Vacuum Circuit Breakers.
  • ▮Current Transformers.
  • ▮Voltage Transformers.
  • ▮Earth Switches.
  • ▮Control and Relay Protection Panels.
  • ▮Protective relays.
  • ▮Vacuum Contactors.
  • ▮LT Air Circuit Breakers/Switch Fuse Units.
  • ▮Earthing.

We have and 30-35 years experienced team and skill to conduct such tests, evaluate results
provide remedy by way of repair or replacement.