About Us

Aspirations Meets Expectations

This being the thought process behind every consultation that goes for various projects. The professional associated have a rich experience in their respective area of expertise giving the rich benefit of the experience harvested over years of hard work and commitment.


We provide Consultation in process automation, SCADA systems, DAS, implementation of IIOT for Energy and Manufacturing areas, etc.

The present industrial revolution which is synonymous with Industry – 4 and which will be catapulting the complete industrial manufacturing in new era, thereby increasing the production by 40% to 70%.

About - AME Consultants

Learning & development

People need maintenance and upgrades even more than machines do. Retraining is maintenance.
Training is an upgrade. Development is the next generation model.

A progressive and sensitive corporate make their Human Resource Department work overtime, by conducting in house surveys, on regular basis to identify gaps in areas of skill development, leadership behavioral, and health and safety aspects. Technology has its own advantages but the complete exploitation of technology is only possible when human is sensitized, have the requisite skills, talent, thought process, energies and commitments to extract the best out of them and deliver to the expectations of corporates. The best of technologies fails to achieve desired results if the human aspect is not tuned to the level needed in terms of their skills and mindsets. The human assets do not get reflected on either side in the balance sheet but ultimately the results speaks volumes about this aspect which is a behind the stage performance which gets reflected in the balance sheet.

Let there be no misinterpretation on this. As we flip through the pages of achieving Corporates and Societies, we find that every page copiously speaks about the sincere, committed, competent courageous & capable manpower that has helped them to thrive the economic sandstorms of time. Today they have become a light house for those who are scrambling for a such space in the world.”

To decipher this more explicitly :

“Technology gives an edge but the cutting edge is provided only by the Human Assets of the Organization”

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best of services in areas of Consultancy, Learning & Development so that the corporate is able to optimally utilize all the assets, i.e. capital, man, machinery and material.

Our vision

At all levels it is our earnest endeavor to provide Consultancy, Learning & development in corporate such that it should be a true collection of their individual attributes, life experience, knowledge, inventiveness, energy and enthusiasm that people knowingly, unknowingly choose to invest in their work place with full zest and zeal.

Our strategy

The strategy is based on the clear articulation and communication in transparent manner such that the objectives of the corporates are achieved in the fashion desired keeping in mind medium & long term goals & objectives.